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Pas ce soir

Just like every night, Madam is getting ready in her office. She won’t have time to go back home. She freshens up, touches her make-up: red velour lipstick sometimes Bordeaux depending on her mood. She brushes her hair and takes out her necklace from her purse. Her white shirt slightly open highlights her inviting curves. She adds a bit more black to her eyes. She slams the front door as her heels strides on the sidewalk. Just like every Thursdays, she’s going to the cabaret Place de la Concorde. Madam has high hopes like every night. She likes people; she loves life. She finds a stool at the bar and orders a whiskey with ice before lighting her cigarette. In the darkness, she makes out a silhouette in front of her. She turns to the side. It’s him. It’s always him. Their path often cross but they never speak. She smiles, gets up and goes dancing. Alone. Men line up for her attention, she politely replies. Madam is chic, she responds. Close to 2am while a dandy looking men catches her eyes and invites her to dance. She abides but only for a short period, she leans in says she has to go home. She likes him but the morning is soon approaching. She leaves after whispering these words in his ears... « Not tonight ».

  • Top notes
  • Black pepper
  • Ginger
  • Mandarin
  • Heart notes
  • Moroccan jasmine
  • Quince chutney
  • Orange blossom
  • Base notes
  • Cashmeran
  • Patchouli of Singapour
  • Amber wood
Bouquet de Hongrie

She’s getting ready. It’s a beautiful day. The sky is blue. She puts her naked foot on the floor and like a dancer, travels the distance of the mirrored hallway to the dressing table. It’s one of her favourite spots. She likes getting pretty there. There are only flowers from the garden, and both her hands, fresh and clean, which seem to spin around them. Her right hand, agile and light, grabs her powder, then a bottle of perfume. Her left hand clutches eye shadow and nude lipstick. She then moves on to the closet, where she picks a light dress and fixes a rebel strap. She slides on pair of heels and fastens a belt around her waist. Just like every morning, she walks towards her balcony full of flowers. It’s on the 4th floor and over- looks the gardens of Palais Royal. She is happy and thinks of her day ahead, smiling.

  • Top notes
  • Pear
  • Blackcurrant
  • Strawberry
  • Heart notes
  • Rose of Turkey
  • Sambac jasmine
  • Lorenox
  • Base notes
  • Musk
  • Cedar
  • Amber
Tubéreuse impériale

Nonchalant, she walks with regular strides. Her headpiece and the swing of her hips are well rehearsed. She doesn’t want to seem to pretty in her white headdress. Sovereign, she faints ignorance while passer-by’s stares cover the light coloured turban that unfolds in a corolla. Her frail silhouette sways proudly under the weight of this crown of sunshine: the envy of all flowers.

  • Top notes
  • Pink peppercorn
  • Geranium of Egypt
  • Heart notes
  • Tuberose of India
  • Ylang Ylang of Comoros
  • Sambac Jasmine
  • Iris
  • Jasmine of Egypt
  • Base notes
  • Cashmeran
  • Sandalwood
  • Incense of Somalia
  • Vanilla of Madagascar
  • Patchouli of Singapour
  • Benzoin of Sumatra
  • Cypress
Wood jasmin

He walks along the long wooded pathway and a strange light shimmering with gold appears. Suddenly, the skies darkens, rainfall drops on his skin pushed by a slight breeze. Silhouettes form behind him and he realises he’s being followed. A sweet and melodious chant almost surreal emerges. Behind this wall of Jasmine flowers is a fairy. She is laying on the water, her golden hair caressing the stream. He is fascinated and approaches her to collect drops of this precious elixir. But before night falls, he must leave. These woods are as gorgeous as they are mysterious.

  • Top notes
  • Plum
  • Pear
  • Heart notes
  • Jasmine of Egypt
  • Sambac Jasmine
  • Rose of Turkey
  • Dhavanam
  • Base notes
  • Incense of Somalia
  • Vanilla of Madagascar
  • Patchouli of Indonesia
  • Labdanum of Spain
  • Cypriol Nagarmotha of India
Oud Abramad

At dawn, the doors close. The light coloured marble has kept the intoxicating heat of the day. It seems as if the lush garden is soothing, and the trees open their arms. The desert’s night creeps under the arcades and the garden seems circled by alcoves. Someone silently crosses the darkness. You can hear the subtle sound of fabric draping like a cloak over the discreet sound of the leather’s patina. The silhouette slow and haughty floats through the silenced garden. Maybe it’s Abramad... heavy door opens and a glimmer of light filters through. A proud shadow covers the stone in the trail of the golden light. She disappears. Lift your heard towards the seven windows of the palace opened like big black eyes. In the hushed obscurity, someone stands facing the desert.

  • Top notes
  • Safran
  • Ginger
  • Heart notes
  • Rose of Turkey
  • Cumin
  • Base notes
  • Agarwood
  • Guaiac wood
  • Rockrose
  • Incense
  • Patchouli
  • Castoreum
  • Orcanox

1 — Independent perfume house based in Palais Royal, Paris.

2 — Creative fragrances with high quality of raw materials inspired by characters, movements and silhouettes.

The House proposes qualitative and distinctive fragrances, inspired by characters, movements, silhouettes and moments. These creations all have a common a universe centered on words and tales, halfway between fantasy and reality. No preconceived formulas in this House, we are in presence of conscientious artisan work enabling the creation of exceptional fragrances.

Olfactory approach and working with raw materials

Different perfume, created by the heart. An olfactive library similar to a modern one. Elaborated fragrances of the likes of an apothycary perfumer.

Distinctive writiting stamps of equilibrium between raw ingredients. Sillage composed of singular olfactive shapes. From the beginning, the idea was to work around one particular raw material in order to give it life but also directly tie it to an inspiration. This initial idea then becomes the main driver in shaping the olfactory family that characterises each BDK Parfums fragrance.

From this olfactory family stems a personality, a way of being which surges into feelings enabling the mind to run freely and narrate its tale.

The House of BDK Parfums is in perpetual search of the most flawless raw materials to offer an incomparable final product.This is why all concentrate used are formed in the region of Grasse in France.

The creative process is never rushed; new scents are complete when the perfect equilibrium between notes is found, the alchemy perfect.

Born in Paris in 1989 son of a father of Romanian heritage and a mother born on the border of Algeria and Morocco, David Benedek grew up in the universe of perfumery. His grandparents, exiles of Transylvania, were amongst the first authorised to distribute name brand perfume such as Worth and Christian Dior in Paris in the 1950s. They will go on to specialize in sales of perfumery and luxury products to travelers discovering the French capital and open their first boutique in the 60’s on the corner of rue Royal and rue Saint Honoré. From generation to the next, the expertise was polished and shared.

David studied Economics and Management in Beijing and New York in 2010 before entering the Institut Français de la Mode in 2012, where he specialised in the universe of perfumery and cosmetics. For over a year, he learned to recognize the raw ingredients, olfactive families and their facets before perfecting his crafts of learning the necessary steps of fragrance creation. Smell, discover, recognize, he familiarised himself with the subtleties of this universe along side teams in Givaudan. With time, his passion grew and morphed into a burning desire to make this craft his career. Insitut Cinquieme Sens helped trained further and polish his olfactive universe, building block of the maison de parfums BDK Parfums.

Because the French artisans and the French industry of perfumery hold savoir-faire second to none, BDK Parfums choses to manufacture “Made in France” products created by French enterprises.

The bottle cap, developed in Paris by a master goldsmith, was shaped after the dome of the Grand Palais in Paris. This monument that holds so many of the French treasures is the symbol of a city where creation and liberty rules all.

The perfume bottle, with its angled edges, is made by a master glass blower based in Normandy. Re-burnt after being fabricated, it holds a unique transparency and brilliance, which enables it to enhance the colour of the fragrance it contains.

The label, applied by hand, was made by a printing house located in the Marais.

Finally, the box set, similar to a bookbinding, was crafted by a family run business in the region of Le Mans. The ink used natural and the paper recycled. When standing long side each other, this box set forms an encyclopaedia of wonderful perfumes.


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